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westwood pygmys & blue-eyed nigerians

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I came across your website while looking for a baby pygmy goat. I live on three acres in Apopka, where my husband and i have 2 horses, 3 aussies, 2 barn cats and a house cat, as of this date :). About 3 years ago (we had no dogs) my friend bought me 2 pygmy goat for Mother's Day cause I had been wanting a pygmy for sometime. The goat owner tossed in a nubian doe as well with the pygmies. They were my babies. I named the male Skeeter and the female Macey. The nubian I named Marmie. At the time we also had Silky Chickens I raised from a week old and a pig, Charlotte that just wondered up one day and never left. (I live in the misdt of all housing developments, how the pig got there I have no idea) Time went by and the goats grew up and Skeeter did what male goats are supposed to do and Macey and Marmie got pregant :D. I was so happy that we were going to have babies. Time went by and any day the babies were to be born. I got up on a Sunday morning as usual, out to barn to start feeding everyone. As I walked through the yard headed for the barn I saw dead chickens everywhere. I made it to the barn were Charlottes pen was and she was laying still and I called and she didn't get up. Then I saw the blood. She was still alive but torn up badly. Suddenly it hit me... I didn't hear the goat talking to me, they were in a pen by the house. I ran in panic to the pen to look in. Skeeter and Macey were dead. I looked for Marmie and she had apparently jump the fence to try to escape and I saw her lying in the pasture dead. I ran in the house and woke my husband screaming like a crazy person. (this was 3 years ago and I'm still crying as I write this) I called the police. I called the vet for Charlotte who was to badly hurt to save so she was put to sleep. None of us could understand what did this. After about an hour passed a neighbor, whom I didn't know came by asked if he saw a dead goat in my pasture. I showed him the all the damage and he informed me that it was three domestic dogs and they must have hit my house and then came to his house where they killed 8 more goats. He told me that I did get a shot into one of them but he kept going. Animal Control was called several times by my neighbor that told me so far he had lost a total of 11 goat in the past month. They did nothing. My friends with good intension later tried to replace the goats but I wanted no part of it. Almost a year later Maranda Home started clearing the way for two new housing development across from my property. The heavy equipment operator were warning by my husband about the dogs for we suspected that they lived in the woods there. About a week into clear one of the operatator came to my house. He kindly informed us that they came upon the pack of dogs that day. He also kindly informed us that they wouldn't be bothering anyone's livestock again. It's unfortunate that these dogs were someone's pet that the owners decided to disguard like garbage. They only did what their irresponsible owners forced them to do, pack and survive. I am now ready to experience the pleasure of owning goats again. Hopefully can find two babies with you.

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